The first step is a consultation with your coach.  Since you and your coach will be working alongside it's important to explain to you the steps that are involved in your journey to wellbeing and longevity and to get to know each other. 



After getting to know each other better we will discuss your goal(s). Some want to be healthier and fitter, others want to work on weight management and some people will have a sport-specific goals. Some will find it easy to set goals, for others this may be difficult and they rather enjoy the journey than tie themselves to specific goals. 


The 'Be Fit Feel Free' coaching philosophy believes in the uniqueness of individuals and thus before we prescribe you any programme, we want to know what your starting point is. Our assessment protocol takes into account your body composition, a structural and physical assessment and finally a work capacity test. By knowing your starting point, it will allow us to measure your progress over time.



Lifestyle coaching

Our approach to fitness hollistic and we are firm believers that in order to be well in life you need to make sure you have the basics in place. So we will look at your sleep quality and your rhythm in life among other lifestyle essentials to help you to have the right foundations in place for wellbeing and longevity. 


Programme Design

This is where we get creative and we align your goals and lifestyle with the initial assessment by making you a unique  tailored programme  that will ensure your long-term success.


Exercising is one component of wellbeing and fitness, nutrition is the other. We will prescribe improvements to: hydration, food quality, food intolerances, macro nutrients, and supplementation. Whether you want to stay lean and healthy or you need nutritional refinement for peak performance, we will help you refine your nutrition profile along the way.


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